Forget the Supreme Court — Can Ayn Rand torpedo the health care bill? See the Health Wonk Review for more #HCR

Every two weeks, The Health Wonk Review saves you the troubling of tracking the health policy blogosphere. It also takes all comers, which recently includes a strong libertarian voice from a blog with an ambiguous name. From the digest:

One of the most provocative entries that I received comes from the Center for Objective Health Policy (COHP), a group that reaches out to medical students while arguing that health care reform violates individual rights.

Nathan Fatal explains: “The problem with [the] assumption” that everyone has a “right to health care … is that a right to a good or service would require that somebody provide it, i.e., that somebody be forced to provide it.”

He objects to the individual mandate: “Just as one cannot kick down a neighbor’s door and hold a family hostage until all members pay a small fee toward his healthcare costs, a large number of citizens cannot properly hand the role of hostage-taker to the … government in order to exact indirect but forced payments from all fellow citizens … all such actions are the same since they violate freedom of action by initiating force against innocent people in order to provide ‘basic security’ to those who ‘need’ it.”

Much more on the site from all points on the political spectrum, including thoughts on the pending Supreme Court decision.  Hosted this week by Maggie Mahar at  her new blog home: blog


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