What are #Harvard docs and #medical school students reading? Countway tweets tell all #library

The Countway Library at Harvard Medical School has a twitter account listing the books Harvard students, docs and profs return. Here are a few samples.  “Cooper:Therapy dog” seems popular, as do books by Paul Farmer of Partners in Health. For more see @HMSreturns.

History, memoir and colons

Medieval technology and social change by  Lynn Townsend White http://bit.ly/cuu1A8

Alfalfa to ivy : Memoir of a Harvard Medical School dean by  Joseph B. Martin http://bit.ly/wh12DD

Alice Hamilton: Pioneer doctor in industrial medicine by  Madeleine P. (Madeleine Parker) Grant http://bit.ly/IorK5q

The puzzle people : Memoirs of a transplant surgeon by  Thomas E. (Thomas Earl) Starzl http://bit.ly/v7zyjw

The mentally ill in America : A history of their care and treatment from colonial times by  Albert Deutsch http://bit.ly/IpxTlb

Power, sex, suicide : Mitochondria and the meaning of life by  Nick Lane http://bit.ly/iMoUZh

On the pill : A social history of oral contraceptives, 1950-1970 by  Elizabeth Siegel Watkins http://bit.ly/mJgZpX

Subjected to science : Human experimentation in America before the Second World War by  Susan E Lederer http://bit.ly/GWc9jq


Ophthalmology secrets in color http://bit.ly/ioWQHk

Trauma secrets http://bit.ly/Iqm91S

Dental secrets http://bit.ly/qlDxjJ

Med School

Assessment measures in medical school, residency, and practice : the connections http://bit.ly/Iqaikk

So you want to be a brain surgeon? http://bit.ly/ItC6oo

The Washington manual internship survival guide by  Grace A Lin http://bit.ly/A2JnkM

Iserson’s getting into a residency : a guide for medical students by  Kenneth V Iserson http://bit.ly/z47UNY


Shattering culture : American medicine responds to cultural diversity http://bit.ly/GDhmrq

Health issues in Latino males : a social and structural approach http://bit.ly/zBRdWe

Race, ethnicity, and health : a public health reader http://bit.ly/dbx8jT

Not too medical

Gold: recovery, properties, and applications by  Edmund M. (Edmund Merriman) Wise http://bit.ly/JeDPM7

Hair transplantation http://bit.ly/JdZoiA


[Cooper : therapy dog] http://bit.ly/k7raF1

Better than well : American medicine meets the American dream by  Carl Elliott http://bit.ly/rGjxBK

How to

Electroconvulsive therapy : a guide for professionals and their patients by  Max Fink http://bit.ly/IofP7E

Schmidek & Sweet operative neurosurgical techniques : indications, methods, and results http://bit.ly/Io6L2C

Fundamentals of clinical trials by  Lawrence M. Friedman http://bit.ly/xGnSoF

Pocket medicine http://bit.ly/Io5DMl

Introduction to anesthesia; the principles of safe practice by  Robert Dunning Dripps http://bit.ly/HZwUXf

Janeway’s immunobiology by  Kenneth (Kenneth M.) Murphy http://bit.ly/rumf5h

Good general practice http://bit.ly/z56Nuq

Next generation microarray bioinformatics : methods and protocols http://bit.ly/HtuRsP

Bethesda handbook of clinical oncology http://bit.ly/qjBZ8M

The breath, and the diseases which give it a fetid odor : with directions for treatment by  Joseph W. (Joseph William)  http://bit.ly/ItDmrD

Sapira’s art & science of bedside diagnosis by  Jane M Orient http://bit.ly/tMxL9g


Callous disregard : autism and vaccines — the truth behind a tragedy by  Andrew J Wakefield http://bit.ly/HWH0vw


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