Health and medicine at the Cambridge Science Festival

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    Dive into the brain of HM 7:30pm @centsqtheater #cambscifest #WedLineup cambridgesciencefestival.o…
  2. Wishing I could go to this Science for Sinners event. Judith Wurtman, formerly of MIT’s Research Program on Women’s Health, talks about gluttony and Ki Ann Goosens  of  MIT’s Picower Institute speaks on sloth and the brain. 21 plus and registration required.
  3. Stay up to date on the festival’s blog
  4. Nature Boston on the Science and Sports event. The basketball robot needs to work a bit on the free throws.
  5. The New York Times featured a profile of the festival director, John Durant.
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    Search #VoYSmediaworkshop for tweets from Stand up for Science Media Workshop @senseaboutsci #cambscifest cambridgesciencefestival.o…
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