Nature Boston: Defending #personal #genome sequencing #Boston #research #health

When the NYTimes ran a front-page story on the failure of the  individual genome to predict disease, my thoughts immediately went down the street.

Knome Inc is a company near my Cambridge office that is famous for sequencing Ozzy Osbourne’s genome.  Here, I must admit — I found  that out by reading the Weekly World News — the kitschy tabloid that is now an insert into another tabloid.  A colleague used to read it out loud in the newsroom for laughs. So, every once in a while, I need to get my dose of that alien who likes to meet with politicians. ( A whole bunch will arrive in time for the Nov. election, they report.) And there is Ed Anger — the columnist whose misguided outrage is only matched by classic SNL’s Rosanne Rossanadanna.

So, I  headed over to the former furniture factory at 25 First Street for a talk with the company’s scientific director, Nathan Pearson. Find the results on my post at Nature Boston. 


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