Is the #nurse #shortage real? That and more from the #Health Wonk Review

Boston’s Dave William question the validity of the nurse shortage in the new edition of issue of the Health Wonk Review:

David Williams is running on the idea that the much-hyped nursing shortage might be exaggerated.  We’ve all heard that there is a shortage of nurses all across the country that is predicted to grow rapidly over the next couple of decades as our baby boomer population ages.  But David points out that the economy doesn’t work that way.  As demand grows, so does supply.  And he notes that it’s possible that the stories of nursing shortages might be started (or at least spread around) by people with a vested interest in turning out more nurses.

Also see a link to this relevant the Health Affairs post:

Sharon Long‘s camp is calling foul over Senator Santorum’s erroneous claims regarding health reform during the last Republican debate.  The specific focus is on Mass. health reform and how the state’s healthcare system has fared over the past six years (hint:  it’s nowhere near as bad as Senator Santorum would have people believe), and Sharon points out the progress the state has made as well as areas that still need work.


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