Hold the fried chicken: RedSox workout tips from the Globe

Some of the BoSox players were lifting chicken legs instead of weights last spring, but not Ellsbury and Pedroia.  Jacoby returned from an injury for a great year and Dustin was solid all season.

The Globe’s Daily Dose offers some advice from their off-season trainers, who counsel them “on the importance of sleep, self-massage to relieve soreness, and what they need to eat to help build muscle.”

Also, please note this week’s publication of the Health Wonk Review, the biweekly digest of the best of health policy blog. This edition includes links to posts about the upcoming Supreme Court decision on insurance mandates, HIT and primary care and the new Independent Payment Advisory Board. Also note the previous edition, brought to you by Center for Objective Health Policy, a site that encourages “individuals to apply free-market ideas to healthcare.”


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