Best in the biz in new book on medical errors

We’re saps for top ten lists, even though we find the gimmick annoying. But, we are big fans of Joe and Terry Graedon. We’ve been following both the print and radio versions of “The People’s Pharmacy” since our days in the NC’s Research Triangle. They offer solid advice about meds
and also know the difference between quackery and home remedies. And where else
can you get Milk of Magnesia deodorant?

So we can forgive all  18 top ten lists in their new book “Top Screwups Doctors Make and How to Avoid Them.” Joe Graedon believes his mother’s 1996 death was caused by medical errors at Duke Hospitals. But, instead of suing, he tells the tale of how he and his partner/wife worked with Duke to improve care. They describe it as a “slow and frustrating” process, but think that Duke Hospital is now a safer place.

So, we offer this link and note the Boston contributors to the book. They include Harvard’s Jerry Avorn and David Bates, the head of The Center for Patient Safety Research and Practice at the Brigham.  Also contributing, couple of the best sources on drug safety around – Curt Furberg of the Wake Forest School of Medicine and Thomas Moore of the Institute for Safe Medicine Practices.

We refer you to these Demon Deacons and the Blue Devils with one caveat: Go Heels! We’ve got a UNC grad/NC native in the family. So, while he’s a Tar Heel born and a Tar Heel bred, here’s hoping that medical mistake will never render him Tar Heel dead.


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