Health policy digest takes on reform loopholes and clueless reporters

The latest edition of the roaming digest of health policy blogs;

Health Wonks – the SuperHero Edition!!!

The deficit battle is on and politicians are in full voice – both in Washington and out on the hustings, where GOP candidates are loudly denouncing health reform as unAmerican and a job killer.  Hipsters and greying hippies are occupying Wall Street and Main Street, while Tea Partiers are claiming they hold the title of most outraged.  The one percent is wondering what the 99 percenters are so upset about, while the 99 percenters are after their well-coiffed scalps.

Into the bloody fray, with nary a fear for life or health, reputation or career, plummet our worthies, those denizens of the blog-o-sphere that specialize in separating the non- from the -sense, the BS from the fertilizer, the ill-formed opinion from the logically-based interpretation!

Join us as we follow their heroic deeds, gasp as you read their trenchant and timely missives, awed by their grasp of the incredibly-esoteric and yet critically important.

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