Children’s Boston: Preschool flu shots cut ER vistis

The study compared 2-4 year olds in Montreal to kids at Children’s in Boston

Canadian Medical Journal

The divergence in influenza rates among children in the US and Canadian
sample populations after institution of the US policy to vaccinate children two
to four years of age is evidence that the recommendation of the US Advisory
Committee on Immunization Practices resulted in a reduction in
influenza-related morbidity in the target group and may have indirectly
affected other pediatric age groups. Provincial adoption of the 2010
recommendation of teh National Advisory Committee on Immunization in Canada to
vaccinate childen two to four years of age might positively affect influenza
morbidity in Canada

NYT: A federal government recommendation to give preschoolers the flu
has resulted in a large decrease in emergency room visits

among 2- to 4-year-olds, new research has found. And there were benefits for
older children as well.

Dr. John Brownstein @ Children’s

Public Health Surveillance Systems: Dr. Brownstein and his colleagues work on the
development of advanced, informatics-based, real-time surveillance systems that
monitor population health from a variety of health information sources ranging
from formal clinical data to informal rumor-based surveillance


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