#Science in the news and wonks on the web #health #boston

Check out this week’s Health Wonk Review, hosted by Boston’s own David Williams at the Health Business blog. The digest of blog posts offers opinion, reporting, and more on ACOs, HIT, NBC, the PPACA, ALEC, CMS and the GDP. Your typical discussion of health policy — an acronym fest

Then, check out Science in the News, a great series of talks organized by Harvard Med School students. They start next week:

9/21 – Mind-Machine Interface: Computers and the Wired Brain

9/28 – How to Spot a Virus: The Origins of an Immune Response

10/5 – Toward the Final Frontier of Manned Space Flight

10/12 – Beneath the Surface: The Present and Future of Our Oceans

10/19 – Are we Programmed to Age?

10/28 – The Evolution of the Universe: Building Earth From Cosmic Soup

11/2 – Obesity: How Science Approaches Weighty Matters

11/9 – Species Interactions: More Than the Sum of Their Parts

11/16 – 30 Years with AIDS: Where it Came From and Why It’s Still With Us

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