Herald columnist on Massachusetts meet: Single payer = red medicine

Copley Square, 2009

Republican consultant  and Herald columnist Holly Robichaud goes all tea party on Mass Care after checking in on the group’s recent meeting.

What do Bacon Hill politicians do on summer vacation? They hold a meeting to talk strategy on how to implement single-payer health care, more commonly known as socialized medicine, or postal care. “Exploring the Single-Payer Option,” a conference last week at Framingham State University, brought together local postalized health-care enthusiasts to plot how they can foist it on us.

It is not enough that we have Obamneycare, now they want a full takeover of health care.

Of course, this has triggered a comment angerfest. Mass Care responds  with an email urging supporters to comment on the Herald column. The group charges that it is inaccurate. Here are a few facts they dispute:

1) Robichaud says the single-payer speakers at the forum discussed “foisting” single payer on “us”: tell the Herald that a majority of American residents support single payer reform (using almost
any definition), including a strong majority of doctors in Massachusetts!

2) Robichaud calls single-payer a “takeover of health care” and “socialized medicine”: this is false. Single
payer makes health INSURANCE public, not health care providers such as hospitals, physicians, nursing homes, etc. Was the implementation of Medicare, essentially a single payer plan for all seniors passed in the 1960s, a “takeover” of seniors’ health care? The truth is Medicare pulled millions of seniors out of poverty, and established access to minimal care as a right for all seniors for the first time. Single payer is no more a “takeover” than Medicare was…


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