FRONTLINE: Can Camden, New Jersey save health care?

During a recent interview with BHN, organizers with Health Care for All mentioned a project in Camden, New Jersey that identified and targeted high cost patients. The Massachusetts group is considering doing the same here to show that it is possible to lower costs and improve care.

This week, Boston doc and New Yorker writer Atul Gawande took to the air with a report on the Camden project for the locally produced PBS program FRONTLINE. Check out the story online, as well as web extras, including a link to a live chat with Gawande, as well as another to his New Yorker story.

From the site:

Using medical billing data in Camden, N.J., Dr. Jeffrey Brenner mapped out “hot spots” of the impoverished city’s most costly patients. By targeting unique care — including home visits and social workers — at high-cost patients, he developed a program that he argues has both lowered health care costs and provided better care in Camden. But can his model work for the rest of the nation?


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