Globe: #Allergic #RedSox fans can now sit in Fenway’s peanut-free section

Can’t help it:

Take me out to the ball game

Take me out to the crowd

I’ll pass on the peanuts and Cracker Jack

If I don’t, you can bet that I’ll never come back.

The Globe  reports  that the Red Sox are among the MLB teams offering a peanut-free section for fans with allergies.

Peanuts have permeated Fenway Park for a century: cracked
between fingers, crunched beneath feet, and hurled through the air by vendors
with the arms of center fielders. The song tells fans, “Buy me some peanuts and
Cracker Jack,’’ and the faithful comply. At a typical game at Fenway,
spectators peel 3,000 bags of peanuts, haphazardly scattering a half-ton worth
of shells.

The story goes on to tell the story of a couple who had to leave the game because everyone around them was eating
peanuts and their kid was getting sick.

Children’s Hospital Boston took note of the Globe story  and offered some more info for those trying to cope with allergies :

The Food Allergy Coping Skills Workshop lasts
about half a day and meets at Children’s Hospital Boston in the morning.
Patients of Children’s Allergy Program will receive a flyer in the mail with
information on up coming workshops, and whenever possible the workshops are
opened to the community at-large. If you and your child are interested in
attending, please email Dr. LeBovidge to inquire about future availability.


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