Pfizer moves in @ Longwood Ave. and other health policy news

  • Nature Network Boston has some thoughts on Pfizer’s drug development deal with Boston hospitals. Will NIH get anything out of all the NIH-funded research that the drug company plans to license? Maybe a price break for the consumers who paid for the research that will lead to new drugs? Maybe not.
  • Also, check out this week’s Health Wonk Review, which feature bimonthly highlights from health policy blogs.
  • The Globe reports:  Thousands of legal immigrants may have to wait weeks longer to find out whether the state’s highest court will order Massachusetts to restore their full health insurance benefits.Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court Associate Justice Robert J. Cordy today ordered lawyers for the state to file their motions by June 23.
  • Finally, if you are into the science side of health, or science in general, check out Nature Network Boston’s new Google calendar.

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