NYTimes: Boston pharma foe goes to the “dark side”

 The Times profiles Michael K.Loucks, a lawyer who used to prosecute drug makers for fraud. He’s apparently has a change of heart with his change of jobs. (A big salary increase too? )

 But a year and a half ago, Mr. Loucks, a Republican, left the United States attorney’s office in Boston after he was passed over for
the top post and President Obama appointed a Democrat. Instead, Mr. Loucks joined Skadden, Arps last July, and has startled former allies by emerging in recent months as zealous a corporate defender as he was a prosecutor, complete with proposals seeking more lenient treatment for the medical companies he once vilified….

 “While everyone calls it ‘the other side,’ I’m doing the same thing I’ve always done, which is zealously representing my clients,” he said.

And while he used to call some of those people’s actions “evil,” today he argues that drug and medical device companies are making strides in complying with federal billing, fraud and kickback laws.  


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