New Yorker: How Mitt Romney came around to Massachusetts style health reform

Watching New Yorker writer Ryan Lizza on MSNBC on Wednesday night got us thinking – is this a repeat? Since we recently watched four innings of a rain-delay repeat of a Red Sox game before realizing
we had already seen it, we were suspect.

 Lizza struggled through his explanation of Health Reform 101 — we all do — without offering much news. The same can almost be said of his story on Mitt Romney’s role in the Mass plan in this week’s New Yorker.

One angle he did nail was – the approach embraced by Mitt and Obama is a Republicans idea. And contrary to the argument that this is a government takeover of health care, it’s actually an attempt at providing universal coverage while maintaining the private health insurance industry.

For government-run health care, see the UK. For government-run insurance, aka single payer, see Medicare
or Canada or Vermont. Find support for the latter approach at Mass Care or Physicians for a National Health Plan.

So, it you need to catch up and don’t want to dish out $5.99  or subscribe to The New Yorker,  just scroll down or click on the story in last week’s Globe, the first in a series On Romney and health and not yet behind a pay wall. We recycled the headline.


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