Globe: How Mitt Romney came around to Massachusetts style health reform

The Globe has a loooong piece today just for those who don’t cringe at the word ” wonk” and like terms with the suffix -care.

The story tells the tale of how, six years ago, then Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney came to the same conclusion as the Heritage Foundation — the individual mandate is a compromise approach health care reform.

While Romney still supports the concept, conservatives don’t. The mandate, the story reports… has become the rallying cry for conservatives who reject the national plan, pressed by President Obama, as statist anathema.

Some of these critics maintain that Romney must disavow the Bay State health reform to have any chance of winning the Republican presidential nomination in 2012.

He will not.

“Overall, it was a positive approach,’’ Romney said in a Globe interview for this story. “I’m proud of the fact we took on a real tough problem and moved the ball forward.


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