NYTimes: Boston docs on new adult stem cell glitch

Friday’s Times reported:

In an unexpected setback to efforts to harness a promising new type of stem cell to treat diseases, researchers reported on Friday that tissues made from those stem cells might be rejected by a patient’s immune system — even though the tissues would be derived from the same patient

The story quotes researchers from MIT and Childrens’ George Q. Daley, director of the stem cell transplantation program at Children’s Hospital Boston. He says “there is always this initial phase of infatuation, and then the reality sets in.”

For more local stem cell news, see Nature Network Boston: Stem cell research gets messy on Longwood Avenue

And, while you’re there, check out NNB’s post on The Globe’s MIT 150 insert: Larry Summer makes it: Nancy Hopkins doesn’t. Score one for the boys.

From the insert: Number 131: Summers in Cambridge

He’s known as the former president of Harvard, but Lawrence Summers is an alum and former MIT professor who was active on the MIT debate team. Oh, he was also U.S. Secretary of the Treasury.

From NNB: “He’s also the guy who in 2005 speculated that “there are issues of intrinsic aptitude,” that may explain why women don’t do as well in the world of science as men.

Too bad they editors couldn’t find one spot in 150 to honor MIT prof Nancy Hopkins, the celebrated biologist who said she felt like running to the bathroom after hearing Summers’ remark. She and other women at MIT were responsible for the 1999 “Report on the Status of Women Faculty of and the School of Science at MIT. That report highlighted the ongoing sexism at MIT and in science in general. Since then, the number of women faculty in the school has doubled. Find the update here.”


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