Globe’s White Coat Notes is back

The Globe’s White Coat Notes blog  is back. It never really went away but it has been limping along since Liz Cooney left a few months back. Newcomer and former Philly Inquirer health writer Chelsea Conaboy is cranking out the posts while covering breaking news.  

WCNotes looks at health policy, business and news of interest to anyone involved in the state’s biggest industry — health care. That means all of us –either as employers or consumers. Along with the consumer news from the paper’s newish wellness blog — Daily Dose — the Globe is offering an online “Health and Wellness ” page. The actual hard copy of the section morphed into a chunk of the Monday G section.

Too bad the site gets almost no play on You have to click on an ad or the “lifestyle” tab or scroll  down to find the health link. It doesn’t get much play on the actual Globe page either, where you need to look hard to find the tiny link under the flag (newspaper jargon for the title) or a larger link in special features.

And even though we’ve claimed the title and url, Boston Health News doesn’t try to be health news site of record. We try to offer a little bit something different here, so we’re not too worried about the competition. (Our motto should be – “From DRGs and HCFA to ACOs and CMS.”  Except no one outside health care would get it. Let’s just say we’ve been on the acronym-laden beat for a while.  )  

So, please forgive us for not working the royal wedding into the this space.

And, as we said when WBUR’s Commonhealth went up: more for us to aggregate. You’ll find links to best of what they have to offer here. Today? Commonhealth’s reporting on AARP’s objections to the repeal of a law that limits drug companies from marketing  to doctors via travel junkets and four-star meals. Two years ago, the state essentially decided the “gifts” were bribes and banned them.  This week, the Senate voted to repeal the law, which also requires companies to report speaking fee payments to doctors. Commonhealth tells us who AARP called out for giving in to the argument that the ban is bad for business. All these people voted for it; now they are against it. Might be worth checking out their campaign donors.

Paul Adams (R-Andover, 17th Essex District)
Richard Bastien (R-Gardner, 2nd Worcester)
Paul Brodeur (D-Melrose, 32nd Middlesex)
Edward Coppinger (D-Boston, 10th Suffolk)
Gloria Fox (D-Roxbury, 7th Suffolk)
Anne Gobi (D-Spencer, 5th Worcester)
Steven Levy (R-Marlborough, 4th Middlesex)
John Mahoney (D-Worcester, 13th Worcester)
Paul Mark (D-Hancock, 2nd Berkshire)
Tom Sannicandro (D-Ashland, 7th Middlesex District)
Paul Schmid (D-Westport, 8th Bristol District)
Ellen Story (D-Amherst, 3rd Hampshire District)
Benjamin Swan (D-Springfield, 11th Hampden District)
Cleon Turner (D-Dennis, 1st Barnstable District)


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