Electronic disease management: Two steps forward, one step back #EHR

Recent research out of BWH suggests: 

1) It can be hard to get docs to use chronic disease management software but “documentation-based decision support shows promise and future studies should focus on refining such tools, integrating them into current electronic health record platforms, and promoting their use, perhaps through organizational changes to primary care practices.”

2) Docs who use “Acute Respiratory Infection (ARI) Quality Dashboard, an electronic health record (EHR)-based feedback system,  improved antibiotic prescribing. But, even with access to the program, many docs failed to use it.

3) A small study found that “system to automatically send electronic drug side effect reports to the FDA in real-time…was efficient and acceptable to clinicians, provides detailed clinical information, and has the potential to greatly increase the number and quality of spontaneous reports submitted to the FDA.”


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