Health Wonk Review and local health/sci news

In this weeks’ round of up health policy blogs , The Health Wonk Review, includes an entry from

David Williams of the Health Business Blog “makes the case that the debate on biogenerics misses the point: There are better, safer, faster ways to bring down the cost of biotech drugs while preserving incentives for innovation.”

And at the Disease Management Care Blog  Jaan Sidorov consider’s Atul Gawande’s latest NYer piece on targeted care management:

Sorry Dr. Gawande. “The Hot Spotters” didn’t look in the right place and your discovery of targeted care management is more than a decade late. In fact, the focused and flexible application of resources to achieve the greatest impact has been around for some time for both good and bad. The one good thing about your article is that it may help CMS to catch up with both history and our patients’ needs.
Also see Nature Network Boston for links to this weekends reports on research into aging and cancer.

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