Globe biz on global payments, Caritas

The Globe business page offers a story the next step in Massachusetts health reform: global payments.

This system, known as global payments, is expected to be widely adopted over the next few years, according to health industry analysts. In Massachusetts, several health insurers, including the state’s largest, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, are already experimenting with global payments. Meanwhile, Dr. JudyAnn Bigby, the state’s secretary of health and human services, is preparing legislation that is expected to propose that all health providers in the state adopt global payment models.

So what would that mean for patients? Under the hoped-for scenario, they are likely to undergo fewer unnecessary tests and procedures and get more personalized attention from their doctors. And if global payment works as proponents hope, patients may finally get a break from relentless increases in health insurance premiums.

Also see the magazine for a profile of Ralph de la Torre, CEO of the Caritas Hospitals network:

During his career, the 44-year-old heart surgeon-turned-hospital executive has shown himself to be a brilliant maestro, time and again using his relentlessness, charm, vision, and opportunism to turn an array of opponents into a symphony of supporters.


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