Koch, convegence and MIT

Check out Nature Network Boston for some thoughts on how a major supporter of the anti-big government Tea Party patron is funding a research center at MIT that gets millions in federal dollars every year.

A new MIT report notes that scientific convergence establishes a two-way street in which “fundamentally different conceptual approaches from physical science and engineering are imported into biological research, while life science’s understanding of complex evolutionary systems is reciprocally influencing physical science and engineering.”

Groundbreaking idea? To some, perhaps. One thing is not new — it comes with a call for more funding. Ironically, MIT uses the “Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research” as an example of “how to incorporate convergence into the infrastructure of science. Biologists, engineers, and others in the physical sciences work together in a new building and on the same floors.” As pointed out earlier, institute patron David Koch – who donated $100 million to the project — is a big supporter of the conservative Tea Party movement” which is fighting hard to limit government spending.  Is NIH an excpetion?


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