How to protect your heart, fingers and back while digging out

MGH is owning the advice on shoveling and snow blower safety. In addition to multiple tweets see:

ABC news

Shoveling increase heart attack risk  – so, apparently does not wearing gloves.

That’s because people can be unaware of their own heart blockages, and even an insignificant heart condition can suddenly become significant in certain weather, said Dr. Randy Zusman, director of the Massachusetts General Hospital Heart Center.

There are two major points that can put people at risk for heart problems when it’s cold.

“For one, most people don’t realize that when their hands get cold, it causes blood vessels in the heart to constrict and reduce the blood supply to their heart,” said Zusman. “I always tell people to invest in the best pair of gloves they can afford and remember to be all buttoned up before going outside.”


 Fox News Boston

Also, some advice on shoveling from the Globe.

…and WBUR


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