Paul Levy’s good-bye post


From Running a Hospital Blog:

I realized that my own place here at BIDMC in the role I outlined in that blog post had run its course. While I remain strongly committed to the fight for patient quality and safety, worker-led process improvement, and transparency, our organization needs a fresh perspective to reach new heights in these arenas. Likewise, for me personally, while it has been nine great years working with outstanding people, that is longer than I have spent in any one job, and I need some new challenges.

So, last night, I informed the Chair of our Board that I will be stepping down as CEO. We will work out an appropriate transition period, and things will continue to run smoothly here. I leave confident that the Board will find many able candidates to succeed me.

From the Globe:

Paul Levy, the chief executive of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center whose achievements at the hospital were clouded by criticism last year of his relationship with a female employee, has announced that he will resign.

…In an interview from his office at the hospital this morning, Levy said his resignation was unrelated to the controversy last year. “That was over. That was almost a year ago. The board had given me a vote of confidence.”

Instead, Levy said his decision was related to his turning 60 and the hospital’s financial success.

More  on Levy from:


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