Autism moves from the clinic to the bookstore

Brookline author Susan Senator may have to address the debunked vaccine/autism link when she speaks tonight at the Wellsley Booksmith.  (She notes that she does not think her now-grown son’s autism was caused by a vaccine, but we couldn’t find much else about the topic on her blog.) She is the author of Making Peace with Autism, and The Autism Mom’s Survival Guide

News emerged yesterday  that the data used in the controversial 1998 Lancet study was made up.  And, writer Seth Mnookin – know around here for chronicling the Red Sox’ 2005 season – is about to come out with a new book on the topic called “The Panic Virus.”  He’ll be at Harvard Bookstore on Jan 24.

For more on the vaccine/autism debate, see Frontline. Also find more here on the Children’s Hospital page.

A few other links.

–A story from Harvard about a music training for people with autism .

— Tomorrow’s Science Friday looks at the anti-vaccine movement.

Finally, check out the News Year’s edition of the Health Wonk Review, with some year end round-ups an comments on VA court ruling re: individual mandate.


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