Regifting health news for Christmas

No, we’re not working on Christmas. Through the magic of the scheduled post, we offer links to our fellow Boston bloggers.

The Globe’s new Daily Dose blog offered health advice from readers, including my favorite from Marc Abrahams over at The Journal of Improbable Research.

A medical team in New Zealand tested whether that actually has an effect, and published a medical journal article about it,” he writes. “We awarded them the Ig Nobel Prize for public health, earlier this year.”

Commonhealth over at WBUR is trying to solve a women’s health mystery: Why are there no o.b. tampons in the stores? The compact feminine products which come without an applicators, meet the needs of women who want to carry tampons their pockets. They’re also green. All that will wash up on the beach is a little plastic wrapper.

Here’s what one commenter heard from the consumer line:

They have in the past two months discontinued the “ultra” o.b. tampon. The lack of other o.b. tampons on store shelves is due to “a manufacturer issue with production and packaging.” The product is expected to be back on shelves “sometime in 2011.” So, I queried, that it could be September 2011 or February 2011 or December 2011? I was told that it would probably be Spring 2011.

…Please go to the bottom of our first post on the o.b. shortage to read the comments pouring in from around the country, mainly from women who want their o.b.’s back.

In Boston magazine, former Globie Eileen McNamara got worked up at how easy the local press has gone on BIDMC chief Paul Levy.  She recounts how Levy trashes the union trying to organize hospital workers and recently admitted to an inappropriate relationship with a female employee.  

Levy’s critics are either feminist harpies or labor agitators sicced on him by rival hospital executives.

Levy can get away with this sort of spin because he has spent decades, and no small amount of effort, cultivating friendships with reporters and editors. When he takes a pay cut to save a janitor’s job, it’s on the front page. When protesters picket a board meeting to demand he be fired, it’s a news brief. Call it the Great Man theory: Larger-than-life figures who go astray in Boston — even those more slick than charismatic — are quickly restored to the fold.

No need to look too far for an example of one of these stories. How about a May 2009 piece in Boston magazine about Levy’s blog?  

This spring Levy has been one of Boston’s most talked-about corporate bosses, thanks to an extraordinary set of town hall meetings he held in March, during which he rallied the employees of his recession-pinched hospital to save the jobs of their lowest-paid colleagues. But that breakthrough would have been impossible without the groundwork laid by his blogging. Through discipline, openness to criticism and feedback, and, yes, a certain amount of golly-gee enthusiasm, Levy has taken the most self-indulgent medium of 21st-century communication and turned it into a business tool as sharp as any scalpel.




2 thoughts on “Regifting health news for Christmas

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    I wish Happy Holidays to ALL the women!


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