Markey asks FDA to take action on chemical in soap, sanitizers

Massachusetts Congressman Ed Markey is pushing the FDA to take action on of triclosan, which his office describes as “a common chemical found in approximately 50% of all consumer soaps as well as a wide variety of other consumer products—including some marketed specifically for children. Although the FDA first began developing regulations for consumer soaps and hand sanitizers containing triclosan 35 years ago, it has yet to finalize these regulations.

“’’Despite serious questions regarding the safety of these potentially dangerous products, these substances continue to exist in a regulatory black hole,” said Markey. “We must speed up the government’s efforts to evaluate and regulate chemicals that pose a public health concern and that continue to pollute our bodies. A baby born on the day the FDA began examining this issue would be 35 years old today. I’d like to see a final FDA rule before it turns 36.’”

Here’s a link to a pdf of Markey’s letter to the FDA.

Markey’s effort dovetails with that of Newton’s Silent Spring Institute and others who are scrutinizing the chemicals in common household products.

So, when you grad for that hand sanitizer after reading Sylvia Pagan Westphal’s piece in Globe, you might want to read the label – or just go for the soap and water. She writes about antibiotic resistance and the new round of scary bugs.

Finally, know that this is a list-free zone. We may do an end-of-the year round up – but without bullets and numbers.

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