New Globe wellness blog

The Globe has a new blog focusing on “the latest consumer health news and advice from Boston-area experts”: Daily Dose.  Blogger Deborah Kotz is a former reporter for US News and World Report.

From Monday’s opening post:  It will cover all the pressing health issues you need to know about to help you improve not only your health but the overall quality of your life. I will take the latest news and show you how to apply it to your own life–or advise you to ignore it altogether if the science isn’t sound or confirmed by other studies, as is so often the case. As a health reporter for nearly 20 years, I’ve gleaned some valuable advice from the experts. And I try to be consistent in practicing what I preach.

 Fans of White Coat Notes –It’s not going anywhere. The new blog will focus on wellness, while WCN covers news about region’s hospitals, labs and medical schools. It also covers research, which can produce odd headlines like today’s:Female chimpanzees play with stick dolls

Also  see Nature Network Boston for news on the death of a Dana-Farber researcher who was stuck my a medical center bus on her way to work yesterday.


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