French/American Alzheimer’s summit and the future of brain science

Related but separate events early this week.  Both are free but require registration

At the Broad all day Monday: AD: The Pursuit of Personalized Medicine’, the seminar will comprise six interactive sessions which will explore the latest research and innovative therapeutic strategies.

Contact person: Lynda Inséqué,617-832-4468, Email:deputy-inno.mst [ at ]

Organized by the Office of Science & Technology of the Embassy of France in the United States (Boston section), the French American Innovation Day (FAID) is designed to emphasize a specific topic that is significant to science, therapeutics and innovation. With the support of the Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC), the 2010 FAID seminar will address the latest research in Alzheimer’s disease (AD) in France and the United States. More here.

On Tuesday,

On Tuesday, Steven Hyman, MD, Professor of Neurobiology at Harvard Medical School and university provost will speak on:”Brain Science & Society: Thinking about the Future”

Hosted by: Harvard Allston Education Portal

December 7 from 6:30 to 7:30 pm

Harvard Allston Education Portal,
 175 North Harvard Street, Allston, MA. 02134 Maps:Street map

<em>What effects do drugs have on the brain in treating mental illnesses? Are the drugs treating the causes or the symptoms? Does the use of these drugs influence an individual’s identity, undermine personal responsibility, or have negative effects on society?Free but must register Monday, Dec. 6 by phone at 617-496-5022 or e-mail

Free parking is available at 219 Western Avenue, adjacent to the Harvard Allston Education Portal at the corner of North Harvard Street and Western Avenue.


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