BHN roundup: HIV, HIT, high deductibles and football

  • People with high deductable health plans tend to delay care, according to a study in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The study lists a lot of Boston authors who looked at a local health plan. (Sometime we need to confirm the obvious.) Find the abstract here.
  • Check out Nature Network Boston for a post on the science of football.  Case in point: that head to head hit in the Monday night game against the Giants and the Eagles.  
  • Jargon alert: Some of the obstacles to wiring the health care system keep BIDMC information chief John Halamka up at night. Unless you know what HIT refers to, this one is kind of technical.
  •  The Globe and the Times report that drug for HIV lower the risk of infection. The study was  led by researchers at Brown Univerity and the Fenway Institute, which is the research arm of Fenway Community Health.  Fenway was once a tiny clinic for gay men and women. Now, it’s a huge player with a huge tower near the Longwood Medical area.  

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