Meet and greet world health care leaders — for just $1,800

Your health care dollars at work.

 Organizing conferences is big business and health care conferences are no exception. Professional groups like The American College of Cardiology and non-profits like the American Heart Association pay their bills by courting corporate sponsors, selling space in programs and running exhibition halls at annual meetings. And then there are the commercial conference organizers. One of them, the Boston Biotech Conference Series, is running one in Boston this week humbly called “World Health Forum 2010.”

The company runs “three thought-leader forums for senior biotechnology and pharmaceutical executives. These exclusive forums are co-hosted by healthcare industry leaders to foster discussions and facilitate information sharing, networking and corporate development within the bio-pharma community in a uniquely intimate environment.”

The $900 tickets are sold out, so intimate will cost you $1,800. But leaders they have. Speakers include Phillip Sharp, Nobel Prize Winner, MIT professor and Biogen founder…Fereydoun Firouz,  CEO, EMD Serono, Inc…Robert Langer of MIT… Joshua Boger, former CEO, Vertex…Jose Carlos Gutierrez-Ramos, Senior VP, Pfizer, Michael Rosenblatt, VP , Merck & Company…John Lechleiter, CEO, Eli Lilly, and the CEOs of Mass General and Mass Eye & Ear Foundation & Infirmary and, to mix it up, the co-owners of both the Boston Celtics and the Red Sox.  The presidents of Harvard Medical School and Genzyme will be there to great those who attend the two day event at Harvard Med School, which starts Wednesday.

(High testosterone alert: The long list of speakers appears to include two women and they are both moderators)

It took a little work to find out who was organizing this event. The information tab on the web site only listed area hotels. The only reference to the company was on the registration page. We wonder why they choose to remain invisible.

The sponsors, however, are not, and they include Mass Bio – the trade group for the state’s biotech industry — several PR and like-meeting companies and the Mass Life Sciences Center, a quasi-state agency.

In exchange for their sponsorship, they “gain access to an audience of the most influential professionals working in biotech in the Boston area and beyond.”


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