UMass prof in Huff Po: Blame industry, not government, for high health costs

William Lazonick, director of the UMass-Lowell Center for Industrial Competitiveness writes in yesterday’s Huff Po that the private sector, not the government, is driving the high cost of health. He begins his piece by noting opponents to the health reform law who keep saying they want to keep government out of Medicare — the government-run program that covers just about everyone over 65 in the country.

Where is SNL’s Emily Littela when you need her to say — Nevermind.   

 The United States clearly has a problem of out-of-control health care costs. The problem resides, however, in the business component of costs, not in the government component. What Americans should be worrying about is how to regulate the businesses that get rich when we get sick.

 Also, see the Globe for a story about the possible closure of two Caritas hospitals — St. E’s and the Carney.  Maybe Dr. Lazonick can explain how a company hoping to buy the Caritas chain plans to squeeze profits out of a failing non-profit hospital group.


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