Mass reform: Dump the MRI, bust the unions and gamble on high-deductibles

Docs, hospitals and patients – all the players are moving.  

 Carey Goldberg at WBUR’s Commonhealth mines a new report on health reform in Massachusetts for a top ten list of notable trends.  

 1.Doctors who own imaging centers are trying to sell them to hospitals, which can charge more

2.Widespread skepticism that the political will exists to rein in hospital charges

3.Hospitals blame unions and Medicaid rates for their failure to control costs

4.Electronic Medical Records as ties that bind

5.Atrius shifted from the Brigham to Beth Israel amid ‘tense relations’

6.The squeeze on small practices

7.High-deductible plans now 15% of Blue Cross commercial enrollment

8.The smaller the employer, the harder to handle reform

9.Brokers survive and thrive

10. Soaring costs of imaging: the shift toward hospitals, and new technology


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