The future for computers and health care

 Partners’ Kedvar asks – What is the future of The Center for Connected Health?

 I was recently asked to predict what our Center would be like 10 years hence.  Stated another way, the question was: “What is your ten year vision for your Center?”  My initial reaction was, “Of course I should be able to articulate that.” After all, our very capable team does all of the work here, so the most effective way for me to add value is to articulate a clear vision.  However 10 years is a long time and lots of intervening forces can influence the world.

 For a more technical take on a related question, John Halamka, also of Partners, asks:

 What do we need to ensure innovation and progress in clinical informatics?

 …(W)e have policy, technology, and funding initiatives which are sufficient to ensure innovation and progress in clinical informatics. Governance and a pipeline of trained professionals will ensure the foundation built today evolves to meet future needs. It’s a great time for clinical IT. Never before in history have so many factors been aligned for success.



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