Broken women put back together again

Two items of note in the local press.

In the Globe, master obit writer Bryan Marquard offers a remembrance of Angie Scardino, the Franklin women who allowed the former Globe reporter Alice Dembner to chronicle her life after a hip fracture. According to the Mayo clinic, nearly  half of all hip fractures occur in adults older than 80 years. While bone loss is a factor, most hip fractures are caused by falls.  

Mrs. Scardino, who most recently lived with her daughter in Franklin, but always thought of the house she and her late husband bought in Scotia, N.Y., as her home, died of congestive heart failure Friday at Beth Israel. She was 86.

Allowing herself to become the public face of an injury that takes the lives of so many older patients was, in many ways, uncharacteristic of Mrs. Scardino, who was so private she usually avoided trading stories with friends about the ailments of age.

Also, Rachel Zimmerman over at Commonhealth, offers a Q &A. with Dr. Roseanna Means who “started the nonprofit, Women of Means, in 1999, when she realized that help for the homeless was primarily geared toward men and overlooked the specific medical needs of women.  Earlier this month, Dr. Means was presented with a Community Health Leaders Award for her work by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.”  She begins with the Q:  How does a pedicure constitute medical care?

Finally, on the blogs, check out this week’s Health Wonk Review, which features another Q & A, this one with Evan Falchuk, President of the Boston-based company Best Doctors. Speaking to local consultant Dave Williams, Falchuk describes his company this way:

Evan Falchuk: We sell an employee benefit to companies that they give for free to their employees. We help people get the right diagnosis and the right treatment.  The way we do it is by collecting information from the patient, doing an interview, compiling records, having doctors analyze all the information and then consulting with experts from our Best Doctors database to figure out the right course of treatment.

This week’s HWR is brought to you by The Insure Blog.

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