Dr. Carlat gets a boost from the health/science journalism reviewers

Over at Nature Network News, we gave a shout out to the Knight Science Journalism Tracker and Health News Review this morning.  Last week, the Knight site offered as good analysis of the stories about MGH’s new melanoma treatment.

So, we do it again. Today’s feed from the Knight site highlights the Newburyport-based Carlat Psychiatry blog: 

The notion that drug-company sponsorship of a clinical trial might affect the outcome will come as no surprise to most Tracker readers. Numerous studies have shown that drug-company studies are more likely to show favorable results than are studies sponsored by the government.

Many of us, as a result, might have lapsed into a sort of reflexive view that drug-company-sponsored trials are always problematic. Dr. Daniel Carlat (left), a psychiatrist in private practice in Newburyport, Massachusetts, takes a more nuanced view in The Carlat Psychiatry Blog. He’s a sharp critic of many drug-industry practices, but one who’s willing to probe the details and correct himself when he’s wrong–meaning he’s the kind of guy you can trust.



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