MVHN: New hospital on the island

Reporting from Martha’s Vineyard this week. Hoping to get to the new hospital to take a look.

It took a few years for Islanders to decide what kind of hospital they wanted. But, this year’s summer visitors arrive to find a new  $48 million, 25-bed hospital.  And, while rural hospitals — including this one – have been struggling, MVH is now in the black and owned by Partners, the Boston-based, Harvard-linked hospital group. That extended the health care giant beyond the suburbs and provided MVH with a state of the art HIT and telemedicine system.

We’ll try to get over there and take a look. In the meantime, stories from the Cape Cod Times and MV Times.

From CCT: Outside, the new building combines red brick with a stone foundation and has a tower that gives it the look of a modern castle. Inside, the floors have the appearance of hardwood, even though they are vinyl. Pendant lighting over nursing stations give off a warm glow.

The hospital has a fully equipped lab, radiology department, two operating rooms and a 16-bed emergency room on the first floor.


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