Undoing: BU aging study, MA disclosure laws

The take-down of the BU study began Wednesday and continues. More here on Nature Network Boston.

Also, the Mass House of Representatives voted to repeal the state’s disclosure law, which requires drug makers to report donation to researchers. From AP via the Globe:

House leaders defended the vote to repeal the ban, approved just two years ago, saying it has made it harder to attract companies to Massachusetts. The Senate version of the bill did not include the repeal. The bill now heads to a committee to work out a compromise

More here from  State House News Service via Mass Device:

Critics of the ban said it was discouraging out-of-state interests from doing business in Massachusetts and said the ban had not led to demonstrable reductions in health care costs. Supporters of the ban said the state had already heavily invested itself in implementing it and needed to give the law more time to work itself out.

Some companies are already disclosing their support for scientists. The Wall Street Journal rerport that J&J is not making it easy. Eli Lilly offers a “faculty registry.”

Lilly-contracted faculty are doctors and other healthcare professionals who provide a variety of services for the company. When selecting faculty, Lilly chooses leading clinicians who have the knowledge and clinical expertise to understand Lilly medicines—and the conditions and disease states for which they are approved—and to educate other healthcare providers about their use.


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