#bostonmed — Best of the tweets

So we went down to see if anyone was watching “Boston Med” at Harvard Gardens, a bar and restaurant across from MGH. The film crew reportedly did some taping there and the barkeep did turn on the show – without the sound. The Red Sox game played on the TV at the other end of the bar.

Amazing footage. Shooting, stabbing , double lung transplant. Each case its own narrative set to overdramatic music. Not quite documentary; not quite reality show. A mix of Lifetime, PBS and MTV.  

By its nature, a series like this will likely find the heroes (rocking music here) and tragedies (acoustic guitar) and miss the many small, infrequent, unglamorous acts that save  lives. (Cut to crew team on the Charles.) We’ll see the face transplant but will we see the errors beyond last night’s wrist slapping? Will we get the drudgery of the low level tech or janitor?  Tune in next week.

 Below find a list of select Tweets on #bostonmed.


  • These characters are interesting, these stories COULD be compelling. I need more character dev to make it work.


  • #BostonMed in 10 minutes. Please be a great substitution while Grey’s Anatomy is on hiatus.




  • Whoa, dude! #BostonMed is graphic!


  • holy shit watching a lung transplant on #bostonmed really intense.


  • This #BostonMed show is right up my twisted little alley. Love me some medical documentary shows.


  • RT @megansarahj: Are people gonna watch #BostonMed? i now realize i signed a release form when i was in the hospital. i hope its bloody





  • It’s a real life grey’s anatomy(except the dr’s aren’t quite as pretty! 😉


  • #RookieBlue was good but #BostonMed is freaking me out. I just don’t like that medical professionals are reality tv stars


  • #BostonMed > “…man was stabbed w/a knife by his wife: don’t mess w/your woman..” the doctor said; (geeez, that sounds prof, doesn’t it?!)
  • This is crazy realistic, right on down to the a-hole anesthesiologist. #BostonMed




  • Hey, cop on #bostonmed is having mandibular plate put in! I’ve got one of those! #didn’tgetshot #don’tworry


  • checking out #bostonmed because it features the hospital i was born at, one my mom works for, and one i’m quite familiar with.


  • Are people gonna watch #BostonMed? i signed a release form when i was in the hospital.




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