Are Boston hospitals paying for the so-called crimson seal?

Another chapter of “Your health care dollars at work.” From the Globe:

Got kicked out for taking pix like this at Dana Farber

 Harvard Medical School, which has suffered financially due in part to a sharp decline in Harvard University’s legendary endowment, has successfully negotiated a deal in which Boston’s major teaching hospitals will contribute $36 million to the school over three years.

 Medicare pays teaching hospitals for teaching :“(H)ospitals that have residents in an approved graduate medical education (GME) program receive an additional payment for a Medicare discharge to reflect the higher patient care costs of teaching hospitals relative to non-teaching hospitals.

So, is that money now being funneled to HMS because of the school’s bad investments? Don’t the hospitals provide a service to the medical school by training students? Should we read this as – pay up for we’ll pull “the crimson seal?” 

While we’re bitching about hopitals:

I’m sorry, but if you are a reporter who wants to trail a doc in a hospital for a story, you practically have to donate a chunk of your liver. Patient privacy is important, but in some cases, it seems like hospitals can be a bit heavy handed with HIPPA, the law on patient privacy.

Unless you happen to be a national network that plans to edit a zillion hours of tape to make life at Boston hospitals look like a cross between “ER” and “The Real World.”

Maybe. The “Boston Med” reality show starts tomorrow.  So we shouldn’t pre-judge. It’s just that reality shows feel more like soap operas than documentaries.   

And, maybe next time we want to get into the hospital for a story or a photo, maybe it will be a little easier.


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