More on proposed Medicare chief and rationing

NPR has an update on the effort to block Donald Berwick from taking over as chief of the agency that runs Medicare, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services 

“Don is a person who’s spent his entire career committed not just to talking about ways to make health care better, but actually helping organizations around the country change health care for the better,” says Mark McClellan, who headed CMS under President George W. Bush. “And that’s exactly the kind of background that CMS needs right now in order to find better ways to support high-quality care while saving money at the same time.” 

The Donald Republicans See

But that’s not the Donald Berwick that Republican senators have been describing on the Senate floor. They say he’s out to transform the U.S. health care system into one like England’s — and not in a good way.

Sen. Pat Roberts and several other Republican senators have been hammering on the fact that among his voluminous writings, Donald Berwick has praised the workings of Britain’s National Health System.

“Dr. Berwick is the perfect nominee for a president whose aim has always been to save money by rationing health care,” Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS) says.

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