Round-up: Obese mothers, health costs and cancer research

Globe on hospitals/insurance costs – Mass keeps the squeeze on.

 WSJ: HHS Secretary defends Berwick from “rationing” charges

 NYTimes: Boston docs report on lung cancer research @ ASCO meeting.

 Also NYTimes: UMass doc comments on problem with obese pregnancies.

  Many experienced obstetricians complain that as Americans have grown larger, the perception of what constitutes obesity has shifted, leading to some complacency among doctors. At UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, Mass., Dr. Tiffany A. Moore Simas, the associate director of the residency program in obstetrics, demands that residents calculate B.M.I. as a routine part of prenatal treatment. “It’s one of my siren songs,” Dr. Moore Simas said, “because we are very bad at eyeballing people.”

 Coming up this week: Protest at McLean Hospital over animal research.


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