Welcome shrinks!


Is it offensive to call a cognitive therapist a shrink? If so, we apologize. But, we say it with affection, having known a therapist or two in our time. 

Whatever you want to call them, they’re coming. 

The World Congress of Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies opens at BU tonight. This is a professional conference – not something you pop into. But they do have a per diem plan ($160) and lower rates for trainees. They also promise to cover a lot of ground.

 The event promises to cover research on adult addictive disorders,adult anxiety disorders, aging, behavioral medicine,child and adolescent mental health, basic processes,developmental disabilities, diversity (cultural, gender& GLBT issues), adult eating disorders, adult mooddisorders, OCD and related disorders, personalitydisorders and challenging behaviors, professional issues, psychosis, sex, marital and family relationships, therapy context, process and delivery, translational researchand dissemination, and adult trauma. The scientific program will span 3 days (June 3-5) and will includeplenary sessions, keynote addresses, master clinicianseminars, workshops, roundtable discussions, paneldebates, symposia, open papers, and poster sessions.


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