Support solid, local reporting on medical devices

A plug today.  

Mass Device  — officially called the The Massachusetts Medical Devices Journal —  is a web site that reports on the business of medical device industry.  Like pharma, the medical device industry develops products that create jobs and cure people. 

Both also make TONS of money off the way the health care system works now.  

 So, it is key to know how the industry operates and where it is heading. This is daily business reporting — you’re not likely to see investigative stories unearthing misdeeds. (Correct me if I’m wrong B or B.) But we need industry focused reporting on who is winning and who is losing and how these folks do business.

 Pharma gets a lot of coverage. But you usually have to get fairly deep into the business section for news on devices. Mass Device does it for you with blogs, Q&As, staff written stories and conferences.

 Here’s how they describe themselves.  The Massachusetts Medical Devices Journal is the online journal of the medical devices industry in the Commonwealth and New England, providing day-to-day coverage of the devices that save lives, the people behind them, and the burgeoning trends and developments within the industry.

 But the fact that everyone gets their news for free doesn’t change another fact – it costs money to produce the news. And all of us are looking for new ways to do that. So, consider buying a premium services at Mass Device. You get something for your money.  For $60 a year and up, you’ll get access to conference calls and business intelligence reports and more.  

 Disclosure. I wrote for Mass Device for a bit last year.  You can still find my week in review blog posts on their site.

  For a taste of what these folks do besides the blog, see the site for the upcoming conference on medical devices and the developing world.

Innovative medical technologies are changing the face of patient care in the developing world.  New low cost point-of-care diagnostics, patient monitoring systems, neo-natal and emergency care, and hand-held imaging probes are just a few of the products that are saving lives and improving care in emerging markets around the world.

Hear from leading providers of global health care, innovative medical technologies, and global investment funds who will direct panels on:

  • How innovative medical technologies are changing the quality of care in global health settings
  • How innovative distribution channels are opening new global markets for medical technologies
  • How global medical technology companies are attracting traditional venture capital investments
  • How cooperative partnerships are changing the medical technology global landscape
  • How to conduct successful clinical research and new product trials in global health settings
  • How to achieve design innovation for advancing patient care

 Coming up soon and not to be buried,  another plug, this one for a book on disease detectives by Vermont-based writer Mark Pedergrast. We’re not talking about a novel, Inside the Outbreaks is a true story about the teams that investigate fast spreading diseases like H1N1 for the CDC. It’s getting great reviews and BHN will add one when we finish.

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