Boston water “crisis” = Everyday life in much of the world

An aid group built this well in rural Cambodia. TR photo, 1996

 No clean water? Welcome to the rest of the world.

An article from The NE Journal of Medicine comes with this slide show.

A 2006 UNDP report offers this reminder:

In a world of unprecedented wealth, almost 2 million children die each year for want of a glass of clean water and adequate sanitation. Millions of women and young girls are forced to spend hours collecting and carrying water, restricting their opportunities and their choices. And water-borne infectious diseases are holding back poverty reduction and economic growth in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Beyond the household, competition for water as a productive resource is intensifying. Symptoms of that competition include the collapse of water-based ecological systems, declining river flows and large-scale groundwater depletion. Conflicts over water are intensifying within countries, with the rural poor losing out. The potential for tensions between countries is also growing, though there are large potential human development gains from increased cooperation.

Radio Boston goes live with a special report at 1 p.m.

More on the worldwide situation at is challenging the traditional approach to assisting people in developing countries. Our goals are to draw attention to the world’s number one health problem, unsafe and inadequate water supplies, and to raise funds to help fight this immense problem – one community at a time.
Our mission is to inspire people to act:

  • Donors – to provide consistent financial resources with a sense of solidarity for those in need of safe water
  • Staff and volunteers – to seek innovative and efficient solutions to meeting the global water supply needs of today and tomorrow
  • People in need of safe water – to take the lead in meeting their own needs

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