Hormone disrupters: Is Triclosan the next BPA?

 From the Globe

 Some scientists and environmentalists say triclosan may do more harm than good because — while industry insists it is safe in everyday applications — there is evidence it can disrupt animal hormones.

 Representative Edward J. Markey, following several months of correspondence with federal agencies about potential health effects, is calling on the federal government to ban its use in a broad range of consumer products that are used to wash hands and prepare food, or are marketed to children. He is also filing legislation that would accelerate the government’s evaluation and regulation of potentially harmful products. 

Markey Press Release.

 From this office

A copy of the FDA response can be found here: http://markey.house.gov/docs/fdatriclosanresponsereduced.pdf
A copy of the EPA response can be found here:  http://markey.house.gov/docs/epatriclosanresponse.pdf

A fact sheet on triclosan prepared by Chairman Markey’s office can be found here: http://markey.house.gov/docs/triclosan_information_final.pdf


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