Rachel Maddow v. Scott Brown and friends

4/1 update: Globe letter-writers defend Maddow, chide staff editorialists. Dan Kennedy, writing in The Guardian, says she would be a good candidate.

Note that on Thursday,  the Senate voted down Brown’s proposed amendment that would have removed a tax on medical device makers from the reform bill.

Now, Maddow isn’t running for Senate. She made that very clear in a clip on her show last night and a full-page ad in today’s Globe.  But, Maddow — who has been very pro-health reform –is unhappy that Brown is noting her rumored candidacy in a fund-raising letter.

In the ad,  she says he never contacted her to confirm her rumoured campaign. She also says Brown fits in with conservatives who “invent scary fake threats to run against — things like made-up death panels in health reform…”

Apparently some Herald readers do find Maddow scary. The story generated  these anti-gay sentiments from Herald readers. The Globe monitors comments. Looks like they were busy.

Why is this young boy named Rachel? Is he a sissy or something? Makes ya sick!”
After 2 minutes watching her opine and blather nonsense I feel like I need to take a shower…ewwwwwwww!
What a shame the Dyke wont run against Scott. Wouldnt that have been fun seeing her run on the MSNBC platform of fruits and nuts. 
The Wonkette website inadvertently sent some reader to this long list of unkind rants by confusing the Globe and the Herald in their story. (!!!) 
 The comments at Wonketter were much more friendly.

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