Mass. takes health reform another step forward

 Update via WBUR’s Commonhealth : David Morales, Commissioner, Division of Health Care Finance and Policy, explains what happens now that the state cost control hearings have wrapped up.

 All eyes are on DC in terms of health reform and the uninsured. But, this week’s state sponsored hearings in Massachusetts aimed at the core problem with the U.S. healthcare system — costs

 But, it can be tough to get good play for story that quotes a bunch of industry types and wonks. So, BHN leads you to the Globe’s fine coverage.

 Faced with an A.G. report that shows charges at Partner’s hospitals literally off the charts,  the Harvard-charged hospital giant finally cried uncle, Liz Kowalczyk reported yesterday.  

 A top executive from Partners HealthCare, the large hospital and physician network that has been blamed by some for helping to push up health care costs, said today that the organization realizes it’s too costly and is working to become less expensive.

 The head of Partners rival BIDMC, Paul Levy, also had his say at the hearings.

 State regulators should more closely oversee hospital costs, including setting prices, limiting new programs that make money for hospitals but drive up overall costs, and even sitting in on contract negotiations with insurers. 

Here’s an editorial.

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