Scott Brown joins Avatar in fight again health reform devil

A little game of connect the Globe dots.

1)     With Sen. Scott Brown at this side, Arizona Sen. John McCain sought to out-Bible his Tea Party challenger by defining himself as the Senate’s devil hunter. From the Globe:

“Scott and I just returned from trying to do the Lord’s work in the city of Satan,’’ McCain said. He called the health care plan “unsavory, Chicago-style sausage making,’’ and said, “We’re going to fight, and fight, and fight.’’

In the meantime, McCain’s opponent unleashed an ad in time for the Oscars that cast the former presidential candidate as a character from the movie Avatar. According to the ad, McCain is only acting like a conservative.

2)   In the meantime, back in town, about 20 Tea Party protested gathered outside the Liberty Hotel fundraiser featuring House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. They railed against the Democrats’ health reform plan with Mass General as a backdrop.

3)   Meanwhile, the storied hospital was coping with a letter from the Medicare program, which, during a recent inspection found problems with the quality of care, including one that “constitutes a serious and immediate threat to the health and safety of patients.”

4)     And, the state’s insurance companies want more money to pay for that care. From the Globe:

 Three weeks after Governor Deval Patrick warned that his administration might turn down health insurance premium increases it deemed excessive for individuals and small businesses, insurers have asked the state to approve rate hikes of 8 to 32 percent for April 1.





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